Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hannah and a Wizard

I was walking down the street when I came upon a mean man.  He had a cape.  He could turn into any animal.  All he had to say was "dranival" and he'll wave his cape.  I showed him that I can sign my name (in sign language).  He turned himself into a whale.  He took my pretty eraser and put it in his pocket, as a whale he was still wearing his cape.  The End.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The short story

Once upon a time there was a princess.  Her name was Malia.  Malia loved beautiful flowers.  The flowers were always beautiful to her.  One day Malia was outside.  What she saw was no beautiful flowers.  The next day, Malia found the flowers beautiful.  The end.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My 7th Tooth

My tooth was loose.  I was at Isabella's house and having fun.  Isabella hugged me too tight, but it did not come out.  My tooth was just so wiggly and it was bleeding.  I really wanted my super wiggly tooth to come out.  It came out because I asked my mama to "just pull it out."  She did and then the tooth fairy came (a few days late).

the end.

we are for tooth number 8 to come out.

The Butterfly and the Princess

Once upon a time there was a butterfly.  It laid an egg and then it was a caterpillar, but when it came out of its chrysalis it was a princess instead.  Well what happened was, the butterfly and the princess became best friends.  they wanted to everything and one day the princess found out everything in the whole wide world.  So what happened was the butterfly did not get married to the princess.  The princess got married to the world.  the end.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hannah and Molly's story

Today I got to play with Molly and we got to see a geyser.  I had so much fun and Molly did too. We drank water from a toilet bowl drinking fountain. we lost track of time and rushed out so we would not have to sleep at the Exploratorium.  the end

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Story of When My Tooth Came Out

I was eating cheerios, honey nut of course, and I bit into a honey nut cheerio.  My tooth came out.  I showed my daddy that my tooth was out.  The end. 

My daddy loves me too much.  So that's why I love him too much.  My daddy saw the tooth,.  He helped me put my tooth on the shelf, so I love him sincerely., 

Apple Hannah's daddy is a writer, poet, editor and reading producer extraordinaire.   It's where her creativity and love of story telling comes from.  Daddy is also known as Paul and Banana Paul to fit with his fruity family.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the frog prince

Once there was a little girl named Tiana.  She wanted a restaurant, but one night there was a frog on her window.  The frog croaked; she screamed and yelled.  Tiana ran out of her bedroom.  Later when she grew up she wanted to have a restaurant.  First she had to kiss a frog (and upon doing so became a frog).  After their adventures, they kissed each other again.  They turned into people again.  Then she and Naveen had their restaurant.  The end.

An update on our lives:  We have been spending a lot of time playing games (sorry, connect 4, and kosherland).  We have also been doing a lot of making up stories and then coloring our characters.  We have been picking a planet and creating a character from the planet.  We will post pictures soon.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The party breaks out

Once upon a time, there was a great little girl and she wanted to have a party.  The only thing was that she thought that the party would break out.  So she put up signs not to break out at her party.  Her party was going to be great.  Nobody at her party broke out, but one kid named Joanna tried to.  Laura saw that happening, so she asked her mother if she could go to Joanna's house.  Laura's mother told Laura "yes!"  She asked Joanna "will you please stop that because it's annoying other people and people are looking at you right now."  Then Joanna understood and Laura went to her house.  The End.

We have not updated our blog and so we're sorry.   We meant to, but life got in the way.  We are asking our Magic 8 Ball some serious questions.  We have been saying Magic 8 Ball "how are you are working?"  It's been saying lots of "ask again later."  Hannah asked it if "Ben was her boyfriend" and it said "Yes."  Hannah also ventured to Ben's birthday party the other day at Pump It Up. 

In order to help with our creativity and book writing, we have a new pencil sharpener.   We have been working on a book about princesses, professor goo goo, some goblins and monsters.  We also worked on a story last night where we picked a planet and then made up a "person" from that planet and weaved the two lives together into an amazing story. 

Well, we are off to finish making our granola (thanks Nicola for the recipe).  It is super easy and Hannah was a big helper with it.

G'night to all and hopefully, we will post again soon!
Apple Hannah/Orange Lisa