Monday, January 24, 2011

The party breaks out

Once upon a time, there was a great little girl and she wanted to have a party.  The only thing was that she thought that the party would break out.  So she put up signs not to break out at her party.  Her party was going to be great.  Nobody at her party broke out, but one kid named Joanna tried to.  Laura saw that happening, so she asked her mother if she could go to Joanna's house.  Laura's mother told Laura "yes!"  She asked Joanna "will you please stop that because it's annoying other people and people are looking at you right now."  Then Joanna understood and Laura went to her house.  The End.

We have not updated our blog and so we're sorry.   We meant to, but life got in the way.  We are asking our Magic 8 Ball some serious questions.  We have been saying Magic 8 Ball "how are you are working?"  It's been saying lots of "ask again later."  Hannah asked it if "Ben was her boyfriend" and it said "Yes."  Hannah also ventured to Ben's birthday party the other day at Pump It Up. 

In order to help with our creativity and book writing, we have a new pencil sharpener.   We have been working on a book about princesses, professor goo goo, some goblins and monsters.  We also worked on a story last night where we picked a planet and then made up a "person" from that planet and weaved the two lives together into an amazing story. 

Well, we are off to finish making our granola (thanks Nicola for the recipe).  It is super easy and Hannah was a big helper with it.

G'night to all and hopefully, we will post again soon!
Apple Hannah/Orange Lisa