Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Day of Once

Today, Apple Hannah is telling a new story:

So, once upon a time there was a little girl and her name was Ella.  Ella was seven.  So, one day she went out to play.  Then she knew it was the first day of happy new years.   Then she saw a bird flying over her head.  The bird was there because it was getting ready for spring.  Ella then saw a seagull and it was there because it was almost springtime.  She liked them very, very, very much.  The end.

We are also giving a brief update.  We drove to Humboldt County in Northern California to see Hannah's cousins Gracie and Collin (along with some other family members).  On the way up, Hannah heard her name on KFOG.  She was so excited, which really made my day since I recorded the special message as part of their annual 10@10 holiday card. 

In Humboldt, we had a great day at the beach and in Ferndale with cousin Gracie.  It was a brisk day to be sure, but so much fun.  Hannah got some really lovely gifts including a beautiful handmade bracelet and light catcher.  She also got a craft folder (homemade) from mama with some pages to color, blank music pages for her to write songs on, and a calendar to make.  I "borrowed" the idea from the far craftier Nicola.  Hannah loved it and it provided entertainment for the 5 hour drive home in the rain.  She also got a nice set of markers, crayons, colored pencils and water colors (which helped with the drive home too).   Hannah got a science kit and made some crystals in a test tube.  She asked Santa for dolls (either Moxie Girlz, a Barbie/Ken getting married set from h-e-l-l, or a small stuffed Alice in Wonderland doll) and science stuff.  She got the science kit and she also got two Moxie Girlz dolls AND the Alice doll.  As a bonus, because she was willing to give away 6 dolls before Christmas for those who had no Barbie type dolls - she got a small stuffed Glinda doll and a Dorothy doll.

This week, I have been at work helping another attorney prepare documents for trial (page-line deposition designations and motions in limine).  Hannah has been with her friend Rachel, and my dear friend Robin (and her husband, Greg).  They have been lovely.  Hannah and Rachel are doing a mini ice skating camp.  Hannah had skated only one other time in her life, last March at Lake Tahoe.  She is really enjoying the skating lessons and now wants to take ice skating (in addition to her ballet classes) and she also wants to play soccer (and piano). 

Hannah returns to school next week (she needs to write a few more sentences by hand to practice her handwriting and spelling before then). 

Below are some pictures of Hannah, Collin and Gracie.  Best wishes for a warm and safe New Year and for much joy and love in 2011. 

Be well,

Apple Hannah/Orange Lisa (and Banana Daddy)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I've been up to....

My cat, Alaska, shows his belly as he takes a nap.

The globe story in pictures

Another picture for Lala (HanIsa - the two of us together)

I love Lala (Isabella) and Audrey.  Audrey left my school last week and I know Isabella will be sad.  Here we are all playing together.
I dictated this story to my grandma, who wrote it down for me.  The globe story illustration is up there.

It has been a while since I blogged.  I've been busy.  I've been spending time with my grandparents, decorating the tree, having playdates/making new friends and getting ready for Christmas.  I helped to bake cookies and make candy.  i went to a great place - the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland  I saw a movie about stars and played a game in the Bill Nye (the Science Guy) area and won a certificate.   today i went to Numi Tea with my grandma  My mom loves their tea. 

I am so excited because I get to see my cousin Gracie tomorrow for the Christmas holiday.  I have to go pack now for our trip.

Thanks for reading and I will talk to you soon.

Much love and Merry Christmas,
Apple Hannah/Orange Lisa

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hannah's desire to blog and why I let her

I am Orange Lisa, aka Hannah's mom.  I wanted to take a minute and explain how it is that Hannah decided she wanted to blog and why I let her. 
How she decided she wanted to blog:  Hannah saw that a parent of one of her classmates had a blog.  She was intrigued.  She was more intrigued when she saw that Nicola (the parent) had pictures of Lala (Hannah's classmate, Isabella) on the blog.  Hannah watched me reading the blog (and finding some great recipes - Nicola's blog is  it is fantastic).  She was drawn to the text and started trying to read.   I tried to disabuse her of the idea of having a blog; calmly trying to explain that it is a big time commitment and requires consistency.  Still she wanted to blog.
Hannah is 6 and learning to read and write; so I have to sit down with her and type her blog entries (and help with all things technical).   However, as I type the blog entries (or read Nicola's) she makes a great effort to read the text on her own.  It is effectively an on-line book about the lives of people she knows and loves.  Hannah loves books and is starting to make great strides in reading on her own.  She has always tried to "write" (or draw") her own books.  The blog brings a heightened level of interest in reading.  Perhaps more importantly, it gives her an outlet for her creativity and stories she did not previously have (but will soon). 

I hope this makes sense and provides some insight into why I am letting a 6 year old "blog."

Much love,
Orange Lisa

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My day and Little Girl Harriet

I am starting with a story, here it is:  A little girl named Harriet found out that her mother was dead.  After that, she started to sob and ran outside.  She heard footsteps in the grass and was afraid until she realized it was her father and her puppy.   Then her friend, Emma (who you met yesterday) came into the yard and jumped in a pile of leaves.  Emma had her bunny with her.  Emma got out of the leaves and said "hi" to Harriet.  Harriet saw Emma jump in the leaves and thought it was funny.  It made her stop crying.  Harriet's dog and Emma's bunny played together in the leaves.  Emma and Harriet began playing together too, but not in the leaves.  They played a game called "Harriet lost her mom."  Harriet had a little fun playing the game.  The end. 

[Pictures below = Emma and Harriet (aka Raggedy Ann); Bunny and Dog (named Hannah); Hannah James; and all of them together]

As for what I did today - I played with Alek and Tristan at school.  We played Pokemon.  We learned that there was a real cannon in the nutcracker.  I brought my nutcracker to school and said it was really special because my grandma and papa boo gave it to me for singing so well at the winter concert.

Lisa worked....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Emma's Discovery

For my very first ever blog, I decided that I would write a story.  My mama thinks i am missing the point of the blog - but I tell her that I can write (or dictate) whatever I want.  Enjoy!  Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Emma.  Emma was outside looking at bushes when she saw something.  It was a bunny.  She went closer to look and realized it was her bunny.  She thought her bunny was lost because he got out of its cage.  She went and pet the bunny.  She brought him inside, put him in his cage and gave him a carrot.  Emma was happy because she found her bunny.  Emma's mama joked about making rabbit stew, but stopped after Emma begged her to.  The end.

Also, guess what - I got all of my math problems right at math time today AND I got all of my spelling words correct on my test.  Tomorrow, I get to bring my very own nutcracker to music class for show and tell.