Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My day and Little Girl Harriet

I am starting with a story, here it is:  A little girl named Harriet found out that her mother was dead.  After that, she started to sob and ran outside.  She heard footsteps in the grass and was afraid until she realized it was her father and her puppy.   Then her friend, Emma (who you met yesterday) came into the yard and jumped in a pile of leaves.  Emma had her bunny with her.  Emma got out of the leaves and said "hi" to Harriet.  Harriet saw Emma jump in the leaves and thought it was funny.  It made her stop crying.  Harriet's dog and Emma's bunny played together in the leaves.  Emma and Harriet began playing together too, but not in the leaves.  They played a game called "Harriet lost her mom."  Harriet had a little fun playing the game.  The end. 

[Pictures below = Emma and Harriet (aka Raggedy Ann); Bunny and Dog (named Hannah); Hannah James; and all of them together]

As for what I did today - I played with Alek and Tristan at school.  We played Pokemon.  We learned that there was a real cannon in the nutcracker.  I brought my nutcracker to school and said it was really special because my grandma and papa boo gave it to me for singing so well at the winter concert.

Lisa worked....

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