Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hannah's desire to blog and why I let her

I am Orange Lisa, aka Hannah's mom.  I wanted to take a minute and explain how it is that Hannah decided she wanted to blog and why I let her. 
How she decided she wanted to blog:  Hannah saw that a parent of one of her classmates had a blog.  She was intrigued.  She was more intrigued when she saw that Nicola (the parent) had pictures of Lala (Hannah's classmate, Isabella) on the blog.  Hannah watched me reading the blog (and finding some great recipes - Nicola's blog is  it is fantastic).  She was drawn to the text and started trying to read.   I tried to disabuse her of the idea of having a blog; calmly trying to explain that it is a big time commitment and requires consistency.  Still she wanted to blog.
Hannah is 6 and learning to read and write; so I have to sit down with her and type her blog entries (and help with all things technical).   However, as I type the blog entries (or read Nicola's) she makes a great effort to read the text on her own.  It is effectively an on-line book about the lives of people she knows and loves.  Hannah loves books and is starting to make great strides in reading on her own.  She has always tried to "write" (or draw") her own books.  The blog brings a heightened level of interest in reading.  Perhaps more importantly, it gives her an outlet for her creativity and stories she did not previously have (but will soon). 

I hope this makes sense and provides some insight into why I am letting a 6 year old "blog."

Much love,
Orange Lisa

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  1. Wow! I am flattered and impressed. Isabella doesn't even read my blog! She knows about it, but not much beyond that. :)